Creating Lasting Memories!

Flower Preservation

Preserve the flowers from any occasion and turn them into a beautiful memento with Kathy's Keepsakes. We freeze-dry your precious flowers in time and transform them into keepsakes that you will treasure. No matter the occasion, flowers can serve as beautiful reminders. Let us help you to keep these reminders in their most precious state. We'll take your flowers and frame them for you so that you can put them on display.

Beautiful, One-of-a-Kind Keepsakes

Life is scattered with special moments in time that we all would like to hold onto. Kathy's Keepsakes helps people to hold onto these moments with a beautiful token that is wholly unique. Our keepsakes serve as an affordable way to commemorate and remember any special event.

Custom Designs to Display Your Keepsake

Much like the flowers themselves, each keepsake we make is framed to be one-of-a-kind. Our custom-designed displays are available in countless shapes, sizes, and colors to ensure that your keepsake is only yours and is as unique as you are.

Your flowers can be placed in a frame or shadow box. Visit to see a variety of available frames and let us know which you prefer.

Great for Gifts

Nothing says “Thank You” like a personalized gift. Present your friend or loved one with a keepsake of a moment you shared and they will appreciate it more than they can say. Gifts certificates are available and we will freeze-dry any mother's corsage or father's boutonniere at no charge.

Keep Your Wedding Gown Forever

Kathy's Keepsakes offers wedding gown preservation to keep your dress just the way you remember it. Bring your dress to us today and we can preserve it for you.

Bring Your Flowers To Us Today

We look forward to preserving your special moments in life. Bring us your flowers today and let us make them into your most prized keepsake.
For more information about our flower preservation service, give us a call at (724) 941-3597.